Just like in the rest of the world, we also have a bad word for lesbians in Brazil: “sapatão”. Which literally means "big shoe". An expression normally used to undervalue our pride. But we wanna change that by using what push us down, to raise us up. So we created SOLE TYPE, a typeface made with shoe soles to give lesbian community more visibility. We asked women, in a digital campaign, to send us photos of their shoe soles. 
In only two days we reached more than 50,000 people and we got more than 200 photos of shoe soles. Using each image, we created an entire alphabet. A display font made to send a positive message and spread our love all around the world.​​​​​​​

Download the font: 

Idea,  Art Director, Typographer: Eduarda Nieto
Writers: Igor Pontes & Tiago Daltro
Photos on the beach: Beatriz Lima & Rayana Azevedo
Photos on the studio (zine): Bléia Campos
Instructors: Rodrigo Saiani & Ilana Bandarovsky 
Miami Ad School Rio, thank you for enabling this project to grow. and the biggest thank you goes to all the people who contributed by 
sending the pictures of their shoe soles. it is because of you that this project exists and passes the truth within our community. <3 

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